Legend of Dragoon Trademark May Expire In November

In 2012 Sony was only a few weeks late to renew. This time, four months late with two remaining before the trademark becomes void.





So I woke up after just four hours of sleep. I decided to get up and make some updates for the Legend of Dragoon community. Two hours later, I’m on a research tangent.. and I came to a realization. Earlier this year, I was taking note that the deadline to renew the LoD trademark was May 9, 2022. If that deadline is missed, for an additional fee it can be renewed for a 6-month grace period (November 7).

I just checked, and the trademark still hasn’t been renewed. I dunno if Sony is usually late on TM renewals for their old IPs, but this is somewhat concerning to me now. Last time, in 2012, Sony was late by a few weeks and finished grace-period renewal in late May 2012. A few weeks is fine. Four months late, not so much?

I’m making sure I don’t jump to conclusions, but at first glance it doesn’t look too good. Just over two months remain. There is a striking line in the renewal reminder sent to Sony by the trademark office last year in May 2021:

“If the owner fails to file a timely Sections 8 and 9 Declaration the registration will be CANCELLED/EXPIRED and cannot be reinstated.”

Okay, this brings me to my next realization. I have to believe that in 99.9% of cases, if a new game was being developed, Sony would at least make sure the trademark is up-to-date. This makes me think it’s even more certain now that Bluepoint Games is developing a non-LoD game.

Third realization: If I am right, Sony may let the trademark lapse on purpose this time. And if that’s the case, then I have to accelerate our campaign somehow – to the point that I get our fandom more united in the next two months than in the last several years. But that kind of thing takes time! More time than we have. Rally the global fandom to move as one body, and make a case to Sony that convinces them to renew the trademark before it expires? While trying to build my own brand and obtain an income?

Looks like I may have my work cut out for me.


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  1. J. Avatar

    Never stop struggling. Good job and im proud to be right behind ya.