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A list of games, shows, and such that I’m a fan of to at least some degree which did not have a popular following. Note that I distinguish between “things I like” and “things I’m a fan of.” The latter means I have grown some fondness or attachment for the material and I think it had great potential / should have gotten more content before production stopped. These fandoms are the ones I want to use my power to support. Depending on the case I may erect a Resource Archive, a small shrine, or do something else in honor of the material. Below you can find a list of the work I’ve done thus far when it comes to small fandoms.

Legend of Dragoon

One of the biggest cult followings out there, Legend of Dragoon has been my favorite game since I played it as a kid. Doing research, archivism, community management, and more for this game has inadvertently become my life’s work thus far. It’s the perfect example of what’s possible for legacy fandoms. A website, Discord server, tons of community projects, and an archive full of rare knowledge! The game is even getting reverse-engineered and improved. All kinds of things can be done to support a less popular fandom, so long as there are even a few people left who want to do something about it.

Outer Space Astronauts

This sci-fi comedy was released in 2009, a few years after I finished high school. It wasn’t the best show out there, but it didn’t need to be and it knew not to take itself too seriously. It’s a down-to-earth-yet-zany take on work life aboard the OSS Oklahoma. The show got poor critical reception, unfortunately, but it’s hard to deny that this show is a gem in my opinion. Just the use of real-life heads in animated scenes is a creative novelty. I think showrunners don’t venture into this kind of territory often enough. As of March 2023 I have opened a new project for this show. My plan is to give it a resource archive, erect a one-page shrine, and locate old fans to see if they’ll unify a bit under one roof to celebrate the show and check out the extra info they never knew before.

Better Off Ted