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  • Cryo Chamber Monorail: Why Losing A 24/7 Livestream Is Important

    The Monorail was a 24/7 music livestream of the Dark Ambient genre. It had a fascinating full-3D city as seen from a monorail car with machine humanoids inside. Continue reading

  • Busy Busy in September

    September often seems like a busy month of the year for me, as well as a time for new ventures. I share some of what has happened with me over the past month. Continue reading

  • Legend of Dragoon Trademark May Expire In November

    In 2012 Sony was only a few weeks late to renew. This time, four months late with two remaining before the trademark becomes void. Continue reading

  • Old Lego Bricks

    It’s been quite awhile since I wrote here. I could dive into my life updates since my last blog, but right now I’d rather dive into a random topic: lego bricks. I still have some of my old collection; a small collection, but more than I realized I had. Sure, as I looked upon certain… Continue reading

  • Trailers that give away too much plot.

    In many respects knowing what’s coming isn’t necessarily a bad thing in the entertainment world. For example: if a successful show, film, or game spawns a prequel, it’s okay to know a bit about what’s going to happen before we see said prequel. In that case it’s up to the creators to flesh it out… Continue reading

  • The “New” Year

    When it comes to milestones I have a mixed opinion on them, or rather their value. On one hand, they are helpful ways to mark progress and elicit celebration. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and the turn of a new calendar year. At the same time, I somewhat prefer it when we celebrate because we choose to.… Continue reading

  • Chronology of Drew’s past phones

    Much as I’m a total geek for cordless phones, they just haven’t been a thing since the advent of modern smartphone tech. Wish I had more time with them before they got outmoded, but the tech push said no. My first cell phone.. I’m not sure what it was. Will need to think hard on… Continue reading

  • End of Year 2021 – General Update

    I knew that between flaring politics and the needlessly-long pandemic that life would be challenging for myself and most everyone else. Yet for some reason this year still felt like more strain than I anticipated. I spent so much time playing catch-up between everything going on, that I had little room to work on my… Continue reading

  • The Overdue Return To Blogging

    Greets again, at long last! At this point in my life I accept that unexpected hiatuses happen and that’s okay. I could go into a long explanation, but I will put that on-hold for now. Suffice to say that the COVID-19 pandemic took priority. Several months ago, or perhaps it was late 2020 (what is… Continue reading

  • Video Game Closures and Sunsetting

    One of the many, many things that is tilted about the video game industry is the willingness – and sometimes necessity – to close or sunset creative titles. Instead of improving the game to be “worth more money” they are often shut down in favor of existing game titles that make more money. Yes, big-budget… Continue reading