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  • Legend of Dragoon Trademark May Expire In November

    In 2012 Sony was only a few weeks late to renew. This time, four months late with two remaining before the trademark becomes void.

  • On Fandoms: Loyalty, Principle & the Nuance In-Between

    Today I came across an intriguing question on the Legend of Dragoon subreddit. A person asked if they were the only one who upvoted just about everything on the subreddit just because they liked the game and were happy people keep talking about it. At the time of writing, the post has garnered nearly 100…

  • Our Community is Fragmented, And We Need to Be Honest About It.

    To preface: There are intact and well-managed individual communities. The title refers to the overarching “global” state of the community worldwide. Today I am reminded of how poorly the Legend of Dragoon community manages itself at times – let alone in any other topic space. I’m not perfect, but I can say with certainty that…

  • Legend of Blog-oon! …. Err, Dragoon.

    Legend of Blog-oon! …. Err, Dragoon.

    The Legend of Dragoon. A video game that has held my attention from the first time I got to try it out at the Toys “R” Us store as a child. Over time I learned about various flaws with the game. The poor translation in several languages. Sexism. Plenty of stereotyping and tropes. For better…