Category: Status Update

  • General Update – July 2024

    At long last, I can be productive on the go!

  • Busy Busy in September

    September often seems like a busy month of the year for me, as well as a time for new ventures. I share some of what has happened with me over the past month.

  • End of Year 2021 – General Update

    I knew that between flaring politics and the needlessly-long pandemic that life would be challenging for myself and most everyone else. Yet for some reason this year still felt like more strain than I anticipated. I spent so much time playing catch-up between everything going on, that I had little room to work on my…

  • The Overdue Return To Blogging

    Greets again, at long last! At this point in my life I accept that unexpected hiatuses happen and that’s okay. I could go into a long explanation, but I will put that on-hold for now. Suffice to say that the COVID-19 pandemic took priority. Several months ago, or perhaps it was late 2020 (what is…