Over the last few years, I have inadvertently found myself focusing on preservation and archivism work for my favorite game. It all started with the natural curiosity of looking for things like rare concept art, and as I went I realized there was a lot of information that most fans of the game didn’t know about. In short, I believed I should start collecting and aggregating everything I found in one place. I wanted to tell the fans all these things so they could nerd out to whatever level they wished, and also asked for volunteers to join me in locating and preserving all of it.

As of 2021, I have started acting on a desire to expand beyond just one game, to other games I like as well as other mediums like shows, films, or musicians. I do like popular things often enough and I may do some archivism on those things just in case they become obscure later. However I seem to have a trend toward works that are indie, unpopular, or otherwise obscure. That’s where content and information is most commonly lost, so archivism feels like a logical reaction as much as it is enthusiasm.

Below are the subjects that I have explored thus far to a substantial degree.

Legend of Dragoon

At this point, doing research on this game has basically become my life’s work thus far. At first I was merely looking for extra concept art. Now I’ve found all kinds of things I never thought I would. Buried interviews,  obscure trailers, additional lore, an insider article about the technology used to make the game… It’s so fascinating.


Expansion into other games: Dark Cloud, Threads of Fate, Hydro Thunder, Advent Rising, non-game stuff, etc.